Author: Misty Evans

Category: Mystery & Crime Fiction

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*** "Read this chilling new crime thriller series from USA Today best-selling authors Adrienne Giordano and Misty Evans -- two female detectives solve crimes the police can't. A shocking and stunning new detective series that will leave you needing more!" ***Meet Meg and Charlie Schock, two sisters who run Schock Private Investigations, an all-female detective agency specializing in missing persons and cold cases. Their claim to fame is taking on the cases the FBI has failed to solve.Risking their own lives in the process.Elite forensic sculptor Meg Schock is obsessed with solving cold cases and bringing justice to victims. When the local US attorney brings her the skull of a brutally murdered young woman, Meg spots the MO immediately. She's seen this killer's work before.Like most serial killers, this twisted perp is clever.As the sisters draw closer to solving this heinous crime, the murders accelerate. Another body turns up … and another … but the killer's modus operandi points to a convicted murderer already behind bars. A new serial killer is on the loose, more brutal than the last.Together, Meg and Charlie must face the fact this copycat killer is taunting them, leading them on a gruesome quest.He's picked up where his mentor left off—and he's coming for them next.