Author: Joe Field

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LEGENDS UNIVERSE™ Presents: Book 1 of 3 in the Skoldrun Legends series.When the young chieftain Zoë Wind discovers the notorious Rex Timber is out of hiding, she goes into overdrive to track him down to the ends of Skoldrun to avenge her father’s murder at the hands of Timber five years earlier. Little does she know, Timber is on a quest to collect the runestaves worn around the necks of Skoldrun’s four chieftains with a plan that could spell the end of the clans. In a game of hunter becoming the hunted, Zoë must use all of her blaster skills to keep herself from joining her father up on Boot Hill Graveyard and stop Timber’s master plan to unleash a new evil on her world.


1. Axel Holt: The Bounty Hunter of Superior North (Arrowhead Legends Book 1)2. Gabby Oaks: The Sheriff of Sierra West (Arrowhead Legends Book 2)3. Roscoe Boone: The Fugitive of Bayou South (Arrowhead Legends Book 3)4. Mack Sawyer: The Champion of Capital East (Arrowhead Legends Book 4)5. Enforcer Crew: The Battle for Arrowhead Nation (Arrowhead Legends Book 5)


6. Zoë Wind: And the Duel with the Master Drocker (Skoldrun Legends Book 1)7. Zoë Wind: And the Divided Clans of Skoldrun (Skoldrun Legends Book 2)8. Zoë Wind: And the Fight to Save Skoldrun (Skoldrun Legends Book 3)


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