You’ve Got Gifts! by Kristin A. Sherry

Author: Kristin A. Sherry, Mel Schroeder

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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You've Got Gifts! is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient"A very cool story with lots of learnings and good morals in it." –Craig Smith, bestselling author of The Wonky Donkey (millions of copies sold)Katarina is a woodland fairy with butterfly wings, a crown made of twigs and leaves, and a silk dress of green and shimmering gold. One day, peering through the forest trees, Katarina spies a girl sitting in the grass, crying. Young Evelyn tells the fairy she's sad because she doesn't think she's good at anything.Katarina teaches Evelyn that everyone is born with unique talents. Our talents are like gifts we unwrap and use to help ourselves and others and we all need a little help figuring out our special gifts. Katarina takes Evelyn on a journey of self-discovery, presenting her with beautifully wrapped packages from which each talent magically emerges in a burst of fairy dust.Children will be delighted as they join Evelyn to discover their own unique gifts and work with a parent, teacher, or caregiver to build their TalentStory™ to increase their confidence through self-awareness.