Author: Daniel Crosby (Ph.D.)

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Psychologist and leadership coach Dr. Daniel Crosby offers You’re Not that Great as an antidote to the saccharine self-help books that promote happiness and self esteem at the expense of personal integrity. Arguing against complacency, Crosby encourages his readers to consider rules for successful living that are based on the pursuit of excellence rather than the assumption of it.Originally from Alabama, Crosby has an engaging down-home conversational style, and his many anecdotes and broad cultural references fill his book with humor as well as a serious message about how to live a great life. His interactive text provides solid advice and encouragement, as well as “lived learning exercises” at the end of each chapter.As Dr. Crosby writes in his last chapter, “Living a great life is fundamentally about scraping away all of the bad lessons and fallacious visions of happiness you’ve been sold. It’s about realizing that the less you need to be special, the more special you’ll become.”