Author: Justin Jones-Fosu

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In your work and personal life are you living with meaning and purpose? Are you living productively and passionately? What if you could merge your purpose and productivity to achieve MORE?!!! The secret to achieving more of what matters in your professional and personal life is at the intersection of your Why and Now!In Your Why Matters Now, Justin will show you how to:- Discover your true Why and apply it to your work and personal life- Be more productive, work passionately, and live "On 10" everyday- Bring meaning to your work, no matter what kind of job you have- Identify where you are on the Your Why Matters Now Quadrant and spend more time in the Pursuer QuadrantStop merely living and start living passionately on purpose at work and home! You need to know your Why-your purpose and motivation-and you need to connect with your Now-your productivity and effort. But so often we lean toward one of the other, resulting in too much thinking and dreaming and little action (Why only), or impulsiveness, poor decision, and lots of action with little progress in the right place (Now only). With research, a refreshingly humorous approach, inspiring stories of everyday people, and common-sense advice; Your Why Matters Now is your guide for being productive on purpose in your career and personal life. Stop merely achieving and achieve More with Your Why and Your Now!