Author: Kyle C. Becker

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Are you ready to take your personal growth and your life to the next level?This book is packed with over 35 worksheets and exercises designed to do just that. Your Power to Change will help you uncover the power within you to become the person you want to become and live the life you want to live.

"Your Power to Change is highly digestible; its format is clear, gives robust information, and encourages time for self-reflection. The practical and highly reusable self-inventory worksheets are worth the price of the book. This highly practical self-help program encourages readers to take charge and chase after what they’ve always wanted." ~

In this book you will learn:

techniques to gain conscious and deliberate control over your fears, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, habits, behaviors, and responses to to acknowledge your fears and limiting beliefs, and how to create a burning desire to overcome to free yourself from spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical entanglements that are holding you in your past and preventing you from focusing all your power on achieving your dreams.who you want to be and how you want to present yourself to the world around to design your ideal self and create a plan so you can begin to embody that ideal now.And much, much, more.

What critics are saying:“An encouraging book of techniques for surmounting one's greatest fears." -

Kirkus Reviews

“Readers looking to change any aspect of their lives will greatly benefit from reading this book, and I recommend it to them.”

"For readers willing to practice these techniques, Your Power to Change holds out thetantalizing prospect that these methods will spark real change in their lives."~

Blueink Review

"Becker states "This whole book is meant to take your attention from the outside andturn it to the inside," and I believe he is successful in this. He focuses on imaginationtechniques and self-meditation so that no matter what is going on in your external surroundings, you'll have managed yourself from within and created a foundation withwhich you can handle nearly any obstacle that stands in your way."


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