You Don’t Need a Ph.D. to Find G-O-D by James Finke

Author: James Finke

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Do you believe in an afterlife? Most people will say yes, but the details start getting fuzzy after that. They believe in some sort of God, but it’s a pretty vague picture. In other words, a lack of understanding leads to an insecure, doubt-filled faith. With no clear direction, most people just hope for the best and “try to be a good person.” Unfortunately, this approach is the equivalent of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. We all need forgiveness. Somehow, there are billions of people who live as if they’re forgiven and free through their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You can have that. This book will teach you things like:  Science is a process we use to learn about the universe God created. It’s not a religion unto itself. Humans are created by God. We are not blind accidents of nature. Other religious leaders have claimed to hear from God. Jesus claimed to BE God. The Bible is the most scrutinized text in history and it’s not close. “Kindness is all that matters” answers none of the important questions in life. The Good News of Jesus Christ answers all of them. 
This book is light on religious terminology so no church background is necessary to read it. If you’re already a believer, get ready to be equipped to share your faith as never before. The living God wants to have a personal relationship with those who seek Him. Are you ready?   
What readers think about this book…“Loved the stories you used. Love how simple it all sounds. I’m already thinking, OK, who am I going to share this with? My brother, family members, friends.”“It reveals and opens the reader's heart to a lot of hidden knowledge about the awesomeness of Jesus”“Love the God/No God spreadsheets at the end of chapters”. “Amazing and truly inspiring”