Author: Anna Smithers

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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Need a champion to tackle emotions like worry or fear? Explore ways yoga helps kids become their own defenders.

A soothing, lyrical picture book - walking children through yoga poses because even Superheroes need to keep fit! Creating a calmer future, one child at a time.

Do your young ones struggle to deal with the everyday flood of feelings? With their minds battling busy thoughts and restlessness, they need to tame hidden monsters into something bright and kind. But by visualizing inner peace, they can bring positive change to themselves and the world as a yoga superstar.

Beautifully crafted by award-winning author and yoga therapist Anna Smithers, Yogi Superhero is a meaningful and engaging resource that gently instructs children on how to use intentional, purposeful approaches to cope with negativity. Filled with stunning illustrations, easy-to-follow poses, and effective relaxation techniques, your little ones will soon learn to self-soothe and live a life brimming with confidence.

In this book Yogi Superheroes explore the forest, and the animals living in the woodland. There is a mouse hidden in the corner of the page, curious rabbits hiding behind the trees, and many other woodland creatures waiting to be discovered.

In Yogi Superhero Adventures in Nature - Forest, you’ll discover:

- Helpful ways to reduce stress and anxiety to help children unwind and calm down

- How kids can increase their strength and flexibility

- Improvements in fine and gross motor skills that improve their coordination

- Methods for developing tenacity, self-expression, and body awareness

- Better sleep habits, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and much, much more!

Yogi Superhero Adventures in Nature – Forest is the stimulating second release in the Yogi Superhero children’s picture book series for ages 4-9. If you or your child like inspiring affirmations, delightful morning and bedtime routines, and enjoyable physical activity, then you’ll love Anna Smithers’s soothing and beneficial guidebook.

Buy Yogi Superhero to protect tranquility today!