Author: Mary Buckham

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What can hooks do for your novel? Ready to find out?* See the five most common and universal types of hooks.* Discover why most readers will respond to hooks.* Learn how to craft hooks consistently for every book.* Recognize how each well-placed hook can benefit you.* Step by step, watch sentences change from none to multiple hooks.This concise, focused book shows how a writer can use the power of hooks. But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also see how you can put hooks to work in your own stories, using the tips and insights you’ll learn in these pages.The strongest hooks raise questions or reactions in a reader. A reaction, whether reluctant or not, is subconsciously drawn that makes the reader want to discover more. It’s not the kinds of questions raised that will take the reader to the end of the book to discover the answers, though some may have elements of that included. No, it’s smaller increments of curiosity we’re raising with our word choices and strategic use of hooks. We’re seeking the kinds of responses that pay off for both reader and author.