Author: Rachel Clifford

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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Looking for an Interactive Fun book for kids? Are you ready to connect with children in a way that doesn't involve a device?

We all know how hard it is to bring back the old fashion fun of laughing together when so many have their heads in Smartphones. This book offers a wide range of age-appropriate questions to give you a giggle and feel that family togetherness.

The book is a fantastic resource to generate conversations with your kids, consider ridiculous and smart ideas, ponder and discuss. Silly illustrations scattered throughout the chapters provide a pop of color in orange and teal and visual fun.

What sets this book apart:

Lots of laughs — It will certainly make any idle time more fun.
Away from screens — Forget about mindless hours of phones and video games.
Perfect for road trips — Make any road trip seem half as long.
All kinds of questions — Fifteen categories including a fun Write Your Own Questions section.
Funny illustrations — Enhances the appeal for all ages.

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