Author: Mike Pearson

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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Are you looking for a book with 100 easy-to-follow, illustrated projects for your child? A simplified, step-by-step guide to get your child excited about the world of woodworking?Then read on and discover the incredible experience this book will give you parents and your child....A passion for woodworking can be transmitted from generation to generation, or it can be born in your children; either way, the best approach is to follow a proven guide designed to provide the basics of woodworking with the security needed based on your child's age and allow them to learn an art that can turn into a wonderful profession in the future.Woodworking is a very important activity for your children, it gets them in touch with nature and at the same time teaches them skills like problem solving and creativity...In writing this picture book, the author put himself in the shoes of a parent and understood what the concerns may be about the danger of using certain tools.This is precisely why she has included simple and safe projects for your children, a list of age-appropriate tools for your child, and much more, so that you can get your child working with confidence and complete peace of mind.You'll also find a section with slightly more complex crafts that you can do together with them, making for some wonderful family days....If you DOWNLOAD this book you will have at your disposal:A detailed list of all the tools your child needs to make their first woodwork.Fundamental knowledge about the basics of woodworking.100 wonderful, simple projects with pictures for your child to make, and to make them happy to have fun with a self-made toy.The 5 secrets no one reveals to you to make your child's woodworking happy and safe, and to grow their passion exponentially and healthily.Good tips on how to set up a children's woodworking shop, and if you are also passionate about woodworking, maybe set it up next to your will be an example to your child, who will love working alongside his parent!!!Even if you don't love this work or think you have to constantly view your child's work, buy this book now and you'll get any doubts out of the way and maybe even get hooked on this art and in a few months you'll find yourself buying an adult book for woodworking beginners.So what are you waiting for?  Gift this wonderful book to your child and allow them to have some healthy fun.... Scroll on top of the page and click on the BUY NOW button!!