Author: Elana Johnson

Category: Contemporary Romance

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He's a billionaire in hiding. She's a yoga instructor with an ex-boyfriend problem. When they attend a gala together and Tawny's ex is there, the next thing she knows, she's engaged to the handsome Tyler - who the children's wing is named after.Tawny Loveless loves her beach yoga, her Women's Beach Club, and fruity drinks. Oh, and dogs. So it's no wonder when a golden retriever brings her face-to-face with a man she's seen plenty of times on the beach. He's hot, with a dazzling smile - but seemingly without a job.Tyler Rigby doesn't need to work. As the reknowned "Poker King," the man has more money than he knows what to do with. So he donates here and there around the island and then he has to attend the galas honoring him.Tawny's caught his eye, and he asks her to one such party. No strings attached, he says. That is until her ex-boyfriend is there and she's on the verge of a panic attack.Then there are way more than strings attached - there are diamond rings involved in their fake engagement.But his feelings are real, and once he tells her who he is, maybe - just maybe - they can have a shot at a true island romance.Can Tyler and Tawny take their fake relationship from the headlines and into their private lives...where it could become happily-ever-after?