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Explore the secret pantry of delicious flavors hiding in your local green belts. Your dinner need never be boring again.Would you like to get outdoors, connect with nature, and relearn the wisdom of the ancient tribes, living close to the land?

Do you realize the incredible wealth of free food that lies in your own backyard, the local park, or nearby natural spots, waiting to be picked and eaten?

Wouldn’t it be great to wow your friends with a tasty dandelion, sorrel, and nasturtium salad tossed with wild berries, or a 5-star level wild garlic and nut casserole that will make Michelin chefs jealous?

Imagine taking a walk down a country road or at your local park, and being able to collect a nourishing basket of healthy, natural goodies on your way.You can even involve your friends or family, and make it into an outing that everyone enjoys and learns a lot from as well.Foraging for food is a free, sustainable, and healthy activity that’s not only good for your physical and mental health but also great for your pocket.There’s plenty of food all around you, ready to be harvested and tasted, that will add new and exciting flavors to your meals.

Unfortunately, mixed in with these delicious foods are toxic and poisonous plants… and it’s easy to confuse them and accidentally hurt yourself.That’s why you need guidance from a reliable source that will show you how to safely forage for wild plants. This book will not only tell you where to look but also help you identify these treats by sight and smell so that you can confidently gather your food without fear.

In this fun book of natural feasting, you will discover:

How to find the tastiest hidden morsels of the mid-Atlantic Americas — from Delaware to New York City, uncover the delicious delights waiting for you to sample themThe secrets of ethical wildcrafting and foraging — look after mother earth so she can continue nurturing us in turn.A comprehensive list of the most common wild greens, roots, mushrooms, nuts, and berries in the mid-Atlantic, including what they look like, where to find them, and how to prepare them for mouthwatering feasts of flavorHow to store and preserve your foraged findings in a range of yummy ways, from jams to dried teasWhat plants are safe to forage, and which plants are best avoidedHow to apply the universal edibility test so that you can know whether something is safe to eat or not, almost straight awayWho the foraging experts are in your locality and how to get in touch with them

And much more.You don’t need to live in the countryside or travel far to start foraging for wild plants. Most of these natural edible foods are easy to find and just a short stroll away.

You’ll be surprised at how much you can find in your local neighborhood if you just know what to look for and where to look for it.

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