Author: Prof Lyndon Neal Smith PhD

Category: General Nonfiction

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Reviews:"The author of these engaging personal reflections on science and society is Professor in Computer Simulation and Machine Vision, in the Centre for Machine Vision, Bristol Robotics Laboratory, University of West England. He is also an aficionado of Sherlock Holmes and an accomplished draughtsman as is evident from the many pencil drawings in the book. The three main parts consist of short essays on where we are with science and technology (comprising nearly half of the book), potential definite threats and possible responses, and what the future holds. The author’s expertise in AI is evident and highly instructive, while he ranges widely over issues related to the organisation and funding of scientific research. He takes a systems-based long-term approach and encourages readers to think big. He makes well-informed speculations as a technological optimist on future potential developments and their likely timing (pp. 134, 270), including ‘immortality’ in terms of cryonics, about which he is sceptical, along with uploading consciousness into a computer. Other topics covered include transport, robotics, time travel and nanotechnology. His view on the future is bright in a realist sense rather than dystopian, but much will depend on how we manage to organise ourselves collectively. The book will be of most interest to readers looking for a thorough briefing on the likely trajectory of science and technology."- David Lorimer in Paradigm Explorer: Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network“An utterly fascinating book, written in a wonderfully engaging and informal conversational style. Lyndon's book is written in a wonderfully informal style, you can almost hear him chatting to you as you read, he goes off on meaningful tangents, covering an incredibly wide field of topics and explaining both simple and difficult concepts in an easy to understand way. He left me questioning the state of modern science, the way it is funded and taught, the attitudes of teachers and the goals of society. As he deals with a wonderfully broad range of topics Lyndon often anticipates the questions that arose in my mind, and I left each section with new insights and challenging thoughts. I really enjoyed the way in which Lyndon uses the sci-fi of my youth (Star Trek and Gerry Anderson's creations) together with our English detective hero - Sherlock Holmes - to cement his ideas and observations. He's done this in a book which is almost exclusively full of his own superb drawings, paintings and photography, adding to the conversational, informal nature of the work. I came away from this book thinking just how much I would enjoy a conversation with Lyndon over a glass of beer or two. The book is really accessible, never pompous and Lyndon shares his personal views in a very kind and generous manner. I thoroughly recommend it.”- Simon ParnallHey you, all lovers of science and technology, this richly illustrated book is for you, no matter what age and what level of understanding of physics you have. This is a combination of humour and scientific insight at its best. Lyndon N. Smith, best selling author and highly-acclaimed British academic, explains in a unique, provocative, and accessible way the past and present approaches of scientific endeavour and invites you to a discussion about the fascinating technological developments that we may expect to see in the future. This is popular science with a twist – both entertaining and educational! You will be taken on a journey touching on more conventional topics such as transport, robotics and manufacturing to the more exciting ones such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and rocketry. The author discusses the effects we may expect such advanced technologies to have on our lives, including the prospects for extending life and achieving interstellar travel, with all their astonishing implications. Physics students, academics or laymen, be ready to be entertained!