Author: Alex Alvarez

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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How many times have you tried a diet or an exercise routine only to ‘fail’ after a few weeks, months or even days?Why is it that some people achieve optimal fitness and health and it seems ‘so easy’ or ‘effortless’ for them? ‘Oh it must be their genetics’…Come on you’re not gonna come out with that excuse again now are you? The truth is, It’s because they have the habits & mindset of a ‘fit’ person; resulting in the body of one. ‘Why People Fail In Fitness' will: •Teach you how to have the mindset & habits of a ‘fit’ person. •Teach you the fundamentals that you keep overlooking. •Get you taking action from day one. •Help you get sustainable results while still enjoying life. By the end, you’ll be practicing the success habits of a ‘fit’ person, your body will have changed as a result of it and you will undoubtedly be on your path to becoming the fittest version of yourself.