Author: Black Lavish

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It was the first week of summer, and college students India and Porsha were itching to get off campus. They decided to go back to Memphis as a getaway, and to the infamous hood of Orange Mound to be exact.When they arrived, their grandmother greeted them with hugs and kisses, along with a task to deliver orders for Catfish Friday.Porsha wasn’t too happy about delivering plates, until she seen a name on the list that instantly made her excited.Having an excuse to go to the Maxey house was any girls fantasy, and Porsha knew she now had the features it took to actually bag a Maxey man.After the girls deliver the plates, their lives are instantly intertwined with the brothers, and the river of betrayal starts to flow. Method, Maxwell, and Malcom Maxey were indeed the men to have, but the issues that came with them made them the hardest men to keep.Because of this the girls are taken fast by what takes place in their first weeks back, and are both left with one question for the brothers: Why you thug me like that?Why He Thug Me Like That? 4 is dropping November 21st, 2022