Whispers of Light by Jennifer Monroe

Author: Jennifer Monroe

Category: Romance Books

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In this stunning series debut from bestselling author Jennifer Monroe, a mother’s mysterious request to a duke reveals family secrets – and invokes romance – for her young daughters…

After the death of her husband, Mrs. Isabella Barnett has returned to her mother’s protection. With a shattered heart and refusing to love again, Isabel seeks to find refuge by hiding in the one place she will be safe – Scarlett Hall – the ancient estate belonging to her family. However, Isabel’s cloak of safety is threatened when her mother reveals to her a secret, one that will forever change her life. The family estate is near bankruptcy, and Isabel is the only one who can save her siblings from the shame they are likely to endure….

Laurence Redbrook, Duke of Ludlow, no longer leaves his home, allowing him to avoid society, a preferable life to the alternative. Having suffered a horrible accident as a child and riddled with a limp, the ongoing stares and whispers of the ton are too much to bear. How can any lady ever see him as more than half a man? Therefore, he spends his days painting, protected from the outside world within the confines of the walls of his estate. That is, until a most unusual request from an old family friend has him reconsider the notion of marriage. And perhaps romance….

As Isabel and Laurence are joined into a marriage of convenience, Isabel begins to search for a way to escape from both a man she does not love and the secrets in her heart. And Laurence must decide if the love that has blossomed inside him is enough for Isabel to see him as the man he wishes to be rather than the burden she is forced to carry.

Whispers of Light is the first book in the nine-part Regency Romance Family Saga, Secrets of Scarlett Hall. Clean and sweet, with a thread of mystery woven throughout, each book contains a guaranteed happily ever after.

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