Author: Gifford MacShane

Category: Romance Books

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When Jesse Travers' father dies, he leaves her with a bankrupt ranch and a deep well of distrust.Shunned by the village for her outlaw brother's deeds, Jesse is not sorry to hear he's been killed while robbing a bank. Strangely enough, it's the man who shot him who brings her the news. Even more strange is this latecomer's willingness to help her put her ranch back on solid footing. Lacking any other options and loving her canyon home, Jesse overcomes her trepidation and accepts his help.Irish immigrant Adam Donovan inherited the gift of empathy from his Celtic forebears, and it's not long before he ferrets out Jesse's secret: she's been deeply traumatized by abuse.As they work together to improve her ranch, Jesse begins to trust Adam and feels the first stirrings oflove?an experience she's never known before. Then, as if to tell her she is unworthy of happiness, herpast rises up with a vengeance and she is left with a terrible choice: retreat to a life of solitude andshame, or reveal her tragic secret in the minuscule hope of saving her relationship with Adam Donovan.