Author: Julia Clemens

Category: Popular Fiction

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Kristie is dead. Those haunting words are now Piper's reality. And she isn't sure she has any reason to continue on. Kristie once gifted Piper with the best role on earth: mother. But now that she's gone, so is Piper's identity. As Piper kneels beside her daughter's grave, she realizes that her heart is still beating. She's still living. And she'll have to find a way to move forward. However, she has no idea where to start. Maybe the man who broke Piper's heart will be the one this time to help her figure out how to heal it.

Nora's girls have officially moved to Whisling and are working their cute booties off to get Whisling Manor up and running. Nora is adoring having the girls so close to her, but with this new venture comes a surprise none of them saw coming. Something that will not only rock their worlds but which could be the catalyst to breaking the budding relationship between Nora and Mack. Will Nora's most important relationships survive the upset this shock brings?

Ellis has come home. His world tour is over, and he's decided to make Whisling his home. Julia is thrilled but can't completely silence the apprehensive thoughts that whisper maybe she wasn't made for a man as good as Ellis. That as soon as he spends day in and day out with her, he'll leave. Because that's what every man in her past has done. So as Julia comes into one of the hardest trials of her life, will Ellis stand by her side? Or will he walk away and never look back?

Alexis is determined to get Jared's kids to like her. Each day she spends with him, the more in danger she is of losing her heart for good. But if his kids don't approve of her, Alexis knows she and Jared's relationship can't last. They both care for his children too much to hurt them in that way. But as Alexis does everything in her control to win over Brittany and Peter, Marsha does just as much to make sure those sweet kids will always view Alexis as an enemy. Will Alexis be able to overcome the odds? Or are she and Jared just not meant to be?