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2nd Edition published January 23rd 2016Including updated, new and expanded material!***READ FOR F R E E WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED***The Ultimate Guide to the Whiskeys of the WorldHow Much Do You Know About Your Favorite Drink?If you’ve wondered why whiskey is so popular or what the real difference is between scotch and bourbon this book is for you. Packed with interesting facts and whiskey cocktail recipes, this book tells you all you ever wanted to know about whiskey.This book explains what proof is and why it matters so much for your whiskey. You also learn the right way to judge a good whiskey, including how it should look, smell, and most importantly, taste.Inside this book you will find:A brief history of whiskeyThe different types of whiskey from around the worldThe right way to judge a good whiskeyHow to spot a fakeWhat proof means and why it mattersInteresting facts about whiskeyWhiskey cocktail recipesAnd Much MoreGet this book and find out what killed Jack Daniels, the health benefits of whiskey, and the right way to make a Rusty Nail. This book is perfect for both those new to whiskey and those who long ago fell in love with the rich full taste years ago.The sooner you get Whiskey the sooner you can be sitting back with your favorite drink, that you mixed yourself, and learning more about the best drink in the world.Get Your Copy Right Now.