Where We First Began by Rebecca Elise

Author: Rebecca Elise

Category: Romance Books

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After Aubrey Harrison wrecks her truck on a dark highway, an unexpected twist of fate catapults her from modern-day Texas to 1836, just weeks before the battle at the Alamo. She wakes up in the life of another woman, one who looks exactly like her.

Determined to find a way back, Aubrey avoids the striking young cattleman, Tapley Holland, and the complicated past he’s convinced they share. But she unwillingly finds herself engaged to the town's wealthiest and most powerful bachelor, a man with a cruel vendetta against Tapley. The deeper she falls into the past version of herself, the less she can deny her connection to Texas history and the desire she feels for cattleman.

At first, destiny seems to favor the lovers. But as the beautiful countryside prepares for one of the deadliest conflicts in history, Aubrey discovers that love is not bound by time.