When We Talk by Carrie Crafton

Author: Carrie Crafton

Category: Popular Fiction

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Lucy was born and bred in Chicago. She lives and breathes it. So when her husband, Joel, convinces her to move back to his home in Michigan, she doesn't realize what she's agreeing to. As her daughter starts kindergarten, Lucy's world should be opening up. Instead she finds herself floundering. Small-town life with fewer opportunities and exclusive friendships is hard to navigate. And a mother-in-law who seems to judge her every move doesn't help. Self-doubt creeps in and Lucy begins to question her own abilities as well as her marriage.
But just as her confidence seems to be deserting her, some unlikely acquaintances come her way.
When We Talk is a story of friendship. It's about what happens when you take the time to see beyond initial appearances and take a chance at something more.