When the Sky Roars by Katie Weaver

Author: Katie Weaver

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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BOOM! CRASH! ROAAAR! What in the WORLD is going on up there?! Those loud, booming roars coming from the sky are so scary!

Little Liam is tired of being afraid when the sky roars - thunderstorms are NOT his favorite. So, he’s off on the ultimate quest to find out what’s roaring and get it to quit!

This silly, light-hearted (completely fictional) story will certainly bring smiles on any rainy day! When The Sky Roars is also a great reminder that there are often sweet things awaiting for you on the other side of a fear faced.

With eye-catching, brightly colored illustrations and told in verse, this story makes for a fun read-aloud. FUN for all kids who love exciting adventures (but best suited for ages 3-8). Read more