Author: Richard Mowrey

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The remarkable book provides a proven method to maximize Value when you sell your business! In his new book, When Is The Right Time To Sell My Business?, USA Today and WSJ Best Selling Author, Richard Mowrey. shows you how to successfully sell your business at the highest price with less stress! He tackles handling a decision point that all business owners inevitably reach. To really ensure an informed decision can be made, he delves deeper into this question to guide you through a very actionable series of steps.

Mowrey helps business owners examine their business’ value attributes, personal assets, and the types of plans that need to be in place in order to sell the business. He then focuses on four major areas of personal assessment to help crystalize one’s “readiness” to start the process of selling their business. If and when your business is "ready" you will be able to sell your business at the highest price ... on your terms ... without regrets!