Author: Judith Cuffe

Category: Popular Fiction

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A story of life, love, loss and seeking more, three generations of women are all on a journey to change their circumstances and find the life they believe they were destined for . . . revealing a terrible secret that changes it all.In 1960s Ireland, Maggie Treacy has never felt she belongs. Determined to change her life, the transformation doesn’t come without cost, but she isn’t going to let anything stand in her way. Never comfortable with losing control, most of her stories gather more legs than a spider. She cuts her family off in hope of a better life, not really thinking much beyond the wedding and the big house. An ideal vicar’s wife? You decide . . .Felicity, Maggie’s daughter, endures a lonely and neglected existence. She longs for the simple life that her mother left behind. A prisoner in her own life, she yearns to escape, to be part of the life that she looks out at. Will she find the love and sense of belonging that she’s always been denied? Felicity’s daughter, Ann, otherwise known as Bella, is lost. A spectator in her own life, she doesn’t know who she is any more. Married into a wealthy Dublin family, she has everything she ever wanted, except the love she once knew. When her husband turns out not to be the man she thought he was, battling her demons, she seeks to uncover the truth about the past, always lurking in the shadows.Their lives had seemed so perfect until they weren’t. Can Bella evolve beyond the secret that has torn them all apart? Will she ever look at things with fresh eyes and a new understanding?Fans of Maeve Binchy will love this entertaining read that transcends time with history repeating itself, proving it’s not our circumstances that define us but the power within to change.