Author: Charlene Carr

Category: Popular Fiction

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More than anything, Jennifer wants to be happy. But when she’s embarrassed to step out her door, is happiness even possible?At 27, Jennifer’s out of work, her mom just died, and despite stellar qualifications, every job interview ends in rejection.Haunted by the teasing, taunts, and fat jokes that defined her childhood, Jennifer blames her unhappiness on her ever-growing waist-band.And she’s ready for change.Messy and real.Beautiful and harsh.When Comes The Joy (previously titled Skinny Me) explores one woman’s journey along the road of forgiveness, healing, and strength.Ready to read? Click the buy button and order your copy of this gripping story today!Here’s what readers are saying:“Exceptionally and intuitively written. Raw, emotional, and witty too!” The Miscellaneous Mom“This is one of those books that stays with you LONG after you've read it. Truly thought provoking and inspiring.” – K. Brown, Amazon Reviewer “This story hit me in the gut. A definite must read!” - Sarah M, Amazon Reviewer “I cried and laughed and hated for the story to end…I couldn’t put it down!” - Bre, Amazon Reviewer “This book hits the heart deeply. I loved every page.” - Fawn K, Amazon Reviewer“I binge read chapter after chapter.” MamaBear, Amazon Reviewer “It's like the author looked right into my soul.” - Jolie Carter, Google Reviewer“I loved this book … Sometimes it was heart wrenching, and sometimes I laughed out loud. Carr's writing is solid and the characters were captivating.” – Jennilovesbooks, Amazon Reviewer“Charlene Carr is the Canadian Jodi Picoult!” - Amazon ReviewerBook Club discussion questions are available on the author’s website.