Author: Penny Blacwrite

Category: Popular Fiction

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For the last few years, college sweethearts Chris and Kalena Henry’s marriage has struggled tremendously. However, things start to look up after Chris receives a big promotion. To celebrate, the Henrys rent a lavish mansion to host the annual homecoming stay for their circle of friends.During this week-long vacation, Kalena discovers some of the most disturbing news about her husband’s past. She soon learns how his secretive life not only affects their family but, each and every one of their close friendships and most importantly their future and freedom.Giving up and walking away would be too easy. In fact, many expect Lena to fold. Throughout this tale, you’ll watch Lena gain her strength to stand up and fight- defending her honor, her husband, and her name.You don’t want to miss this! It will have you stuck emotionally- not knowing who to understand or blame.