Author: Brent M. Jones

Category: Business, Money and Jobs

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This anthology and overview of my work, books, and website reflect upon several subjects that overlap and connect back to the ultimate themes that matter to me: Reinventing Ourselves & Our Careers, How to "Be the Change," How to Reinvent Yourself Each Day, How to Reinvent the Future, Making Order out of Chaos, Choosing Your Direction in Life and Finding Inspiration.

My books as of March 2023

Work Matters It Takes Technology, Insight, and Strategies for Job Seekers in this Evolving World,
The Human Factor How Finding Your Dream Job Starts by Getting To Know Yourself,
Embrace Life's Randomness 2nd Edition Your Path to Personal Reinvention and Positive Change,
The Interview of Self How Looking Inside can help you find Happiness and Success,
Networking With a Purpose The informational Interview, Its Use, and Why it is a Valuable Tool.