We’ll All Be Murdered in Our Beds by Duncan Campbell

Author: Duncan Campbell

Category: General Nonfiction

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‘If it bleeds, it leads’ – this maxim is as true now as it was 300 years ago. Crime is the staple of the news, and our appetite for these dark and dangerous stories shows no sign of abating.
In this colourful history of crime reporting since 1700, Duncan Campbell reveals what it’s really like to deal with murderers, gangsters, robbers, cat burglars, victims, informers and detectives. He introduces us to the ‘hacks in the macs’ and the ‘Murder Gang’, who would go to any lengths to get a story – and serve it up to an ever-eager reading public.
At a time when the relationships between the press, public, police and criminals are being questioned as never before, We’ll All Be Murdered in Our Beds tells the compelling, sometimes scandalous tale of the stories and storytellers that have entertained, shocked and appalled us – and will continue to do so.
Praise for We’ll All Be Murdered in Our Beds:
‘Duncan Campbell remains one of the very few journalists who has retained the criminal fraternity’s trust and respect … He is engagingly clever and writes like a dream’ - Howard Marks, author of Mr Nice
‘When it comes to stellar crime reporting, Duncan Campbell is the absolute maestro. He captures the colour of the courts, the drama of events and the lives of those who appear there, in the most elegant and authentic way. A fascinating read’ - Helena Kennedy, QC
Duncan Campbell is former crime correspondent of the Guardian, former chairman of the Crime Reporters’ Association and winner of the Bar Council’s newspaper journalist of the year. He has written for the Observer, New Statesman, LRB, Oldie, Esquire and British Journalism Review. He has presented Crime Desk on BBC Radio 5 Live and the Radio 4 documentary Bandits of the Blitz, has appeared on the Today programme, LBC radio and numerous TV documentaries, and has lectured widely on crime reporting. He is the author of seven books including the bestselling The Underworld and an acclaimed crime novel, If it Bleeds.