Author: Tessa Cason

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Do you have difficulty figuring out what to say when you tap, how to word EFT Tapping statements? This book provides 120 tapping statements to say as you tap and can be combined to make tapping scripts. Take the doubt out of whether your statements will heal your issue.The overweight and obesity rates have increased dramatically in the last 40 years. 42% of Americans are overweight. Globally, 39% of the population is overweight. Though billions of dollars are spent each year to heal the obesity issue, obesity is still on the rise.The usual weight loss programs aren’t working. Huge clue: Appx. 95% of people that lose weight put it right back on.Excess weight, food cravings, emotional eating, and overeating are symptoms of deeper unresolved issues beneath the weight. Attempting to solve the problem by only dealing with the symptoms is ineffective and does not heal the issue. Weight is the symptom. Not the cause. Not the issue.If the various weight loss program haven’t healed the obesity issue, acknowledging the problem, having an ah-ha awareness, and talk therapy hasn’t healed the issue, then how do we heal the obesity issue? EFT Tapping can help heal the underlying cause and dysfunctional beliefs.What is EFT Tapping?EFT is a powerful, self-help tool to help us heal and transform our lives. It is a simple technique that involves making a statement while tapping different points along Traditional Chinese meridian pathways.EFT Tapping can change and heal:* dysfunctional beliefs* painful emotions* traumatic memoriesWhat’s inside this book?Included in this comprehensive guide:* info on EFT* how to tap* the first tapping statement to tapThe day Tracy graduates from UCLA, she receives a phone call that her father had been hospitalized. She is on the next flight home. It is decided that her father needs surgery and that Tracy should stay on for a short while to care for her dad. No one asks Tracy what she wants. But, she stays anyway.Seven months later, even though her dad has mended, Tracy had become her father’s caregiver. This is not what Tracy had planned to do with her life. Every month, over the course of the seven unhappy months, Tracy’s weight spirals up, until she is at her highest weight EVER. Tapping helped Tracy reach her ideal weight.The AuthorTessa is a gifted practitioner and has been a life coach since 1996 and an EFT Practitioner since 2000.This is what others have said about this book:* In college, my weight became an issue. I thought it had to do with eating cafeteria food and lots of it. When I moved off campus and was cooking for myself, my weight continued to be a problem. I tried diet after diet but my weight stubbornly stayed the same. Oh, I might have lost 5 pounds but would gain it back. I gave up on diets. When Tessa said that weight is the symptom, I thought what could I lose and started tapping. Without realizing it, I started losing weight. I started taking care of me. * I didn’t realize how much of an emotional eater I was. When I was stressed, I reached for cheese. Cheese Danish. Cheese and crackers. Tapping brought a sense of peace that I haven’t felt in a long time. I now feel I am in charge of my food choices and my health.* This is an enlightening book and look at weight and emotional eating. I love how Tessa approaches weight as a symptom. Genius! Clearly our country is in desperate need of a new way at looking at weight and obesity. Food is the drug of choice for many people. This book offers solutions and a tool to uncover and heal the real issue. Love it!