Author: Ross Sidor

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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When a CIA officer is abducted by terrorists in Tajikistan, an enigmatic freelance operative and former special operations soldier named Avery is tasked with securing the hostage’s release before dozens of classified operations and agents are compromised.

But a raid on a terrorist safe house yields startling clues pointing in another direction entirely. Avery and his team of paramilitary operators are soon unraveling a conspiracy involving an American traitor, double agents, and Russian criminal elements seeking to arm a Taliban warlord with weapons of mass destruction.

From the remote terrorist enclaves of Central Asia, to the nuclear facilities of the former Soviet Union, WEAPONS GRADE is a riveting debut novel, the first in a series of covert action thrillers, packed with gritty, violent action that will appeal to readers of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor.