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Learn to Purify and Treat Drinking Water in an Emergency, Even Without Modern Supplies!This book was written by a Civil Engineer who grew up a long-time camp counselor, wilderness trip leader, and Search and Rescue team member!This is the Second Book of the Wilderness Survival Skills SeriesYou'll learn how to improve the quality and safety of water you encounter in the wilderness or at home in a disaster situation.This book introduces you to the variety of possible contaminants water can hide, and lays out step-by-step how to treat each suspected contaminant in a variety of ways.It also helps you think creatively to apply the materials available as substitutes for what the experts use in drinking water treatment plants. The results won't be quite as polished, but they'll usually get the job done!Get acquainted with the most popular backcountry filtration techniques, and learn their limits and how to make them perform better with a little preplanning.Finally, check out a quick list of the seven most common waterborne illnesses, and their symptoms!Chapters:IntroductionContaminantsFiltration and SettlingImprovised ApplicationsDisinfectionChemical DisinfectionHeat Disinfection / PasteurizationUltraviolet DisinfectionDistillationPassive DistillationActive DistillationAdsorptionRecommendations and RemindersCommon Waterborne IllnessesTyphoid FeverCholeraGiardiaDysenteryEscherichia coli (E. coli)Hepatitis ASalmonellaConclusionEach contaminant, type of treatment method, and common waterborne illness is explained, in detail, with pointers on how to be the most efficient with your actions, and tips on how to ensure success. tags: wilderness survival, water treatment, how to filter water, survival water, water filtration, water purification, emergency preparedness, prepper, bushcraft, riverbank filtration, iodine, iodide tabs, chlorine dioxide, UV, water disinfection, boil water, adsorption, activated charcoal