Author: Kimberly James

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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A stolen identity. A hidden power. One summer changes everything.Caris…It was supposed to be two months of fun in the sun. Two months to spend with my dad and finally get answers about a mother he refused to talk about.Instead, I discover my life is a lie. The sun and water betray me, exposing magic I didn’t know I possess and powers I don’t understand.The one bright light in my crumbling world is Noah Jacobs, the boy I saved from a pack of bullies. I can’t resist his ocean eyes. He can’t resist my Song. What at first felt like a gift, now feels like a curse. I don’t want to hurt him.Noah…I want to hate her. She’s seen me at my worst. I was happy in my self-imposed exile. Until she called me home. But home hurts. It holds too many memories of the family I lost, too many reminders of my failures.Resisting her Song proves futile, and soon I don’t want to. She thinks she’ll hurt me. She thinks she needs to protect me from the magic. But I’m not weak. It’s my job to protect her. If only she’ll let me. Water Song is the first installment in the Waterborn series. If you love YA paranormal romance full of emotion, self-discovery, fated mates, magic, family intrigue, and a cast of characters you’ll grow to love, then immerse yourself in the world of Water Song.