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Are you an author looking for ways to effectively marketing your books? Then you've come to the right place... Virtual Book Tours. Authors have more opportunity today than ever before. It’s easier to market and promote books with all that’s available online. But it takes more than the availability. It takes strategy. Enter Virtual Book Tours. A Virtual Book Tour allows you to have greater reach, to a global market, than virtually any other way of marketing a book. Combine a tour with other strategies and you become unstoppable. When potential readers and fans see and hear you on multiple platforms, they tend to want more of you. A lot more. Think about those authors you’re a huge fan of. It’s likely when you first come upon their information and you like what they have to say, you want more. So, you do a Google and YouTube search in hopes of consuming more of their information. Why would your fans be any different? Once they discover you, they want as much of you as they can get. Often, they need to hear you on a number of interviews, read several blog posts of your writings, and see you more than once on social media before they decide to buy your book.Additionally, a benefit of a tour is that fans tell their friends about you. This increases your market reach and potential for book sales. Another added benefit is that meeting planners listen to podcast shows and read blogs. If they see you a lot, they may be interested in having you speak at their events. There are several outstanding benefits to a virtual book tour including building your brand and platform. Without a doubt, when done right, an online tour can vastly expand your online presence and visibility as an author, speaker, coach, consultant and virtually any type of expert. A hidden benefit (meaning one many people don’t consider) is that the more visibility you receive from your appearances through your posts, interviews and social media mentions, the more blog owners and show hosts will reach out to you rather than the other way around. Additionally, for authors, the more frequently you and your book are mentioned online, the more visits to your Amazon page, website, blog and social media channels you’ll receive.Did you know that most authors never sell more than a handful of books, in the life of the book, regardless of the genre of their book? It’s true. And there’s one main reason: lack of marketing. In Virtual Book Tours for Indie Authors; Using Podcast Interviews to Create Massive Visibility, Profits and Book Sales, you learn how to create and implement an effective and successful virtual book tour. A tour designed to increase your visibility, get your books in the hands of readers and create lots of great opportunities for years to come.If you’re an author, or soon to be author, adding a virtual book tour to your overall marketing plan is a great idea. Unlike many virtual tours that focus on only one of two main strategies, guest blogging and podcast appearances, in this book we cover both. You’ll fully understand why it’s a great idea to have an integrated approach.