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Do you have an Instant Pot and want to master it increasing your recipes knowledge?Are you a busy person and don’t have time to cook healthy and delicious meal for you and your family? Or Are you just looking for new and tasty recipes?Keep on reading…I’ve always liked cooking. During my childhood in Naples, I spent most of the time in the kitchen. While I was doing my homework, my grandmother was beside me cooking. I always saw her in the kitchen with so much determination and desire to do. As you can imagine, her dishes were sublime. With such a grandmother, it took me little to become interested in cooking and I started taking my first cooking classes when I was 14. The older I got, the less time I had.Now, over the week I am very busy looking after my children, but I have never given up the idea of making my family eat well, I just can't cook convenience foods! That's why I bought the Instant Pot.It is a fantastic tool that saves me a lot of time while maintaining the quality of what I cook. That's why I wrote "Vegetarian Instant Pot Cookbook": to help all those people who have limited time or all those who, with the use of the instant pot, want to cook quality dishes.Here is what you will discover by purchasing this book:The evolution of the vegetarian diet, from its origins to modern times.The diet that's right for you! Did you know that there are 9 different types of vegetarian diet?The secrets to make the best use of your instant pot.Find out how to manage and which are the most difficult foods to cook4 special tips before starting to cookThe vegetable recipes that should not be missing at the tableThe soups that will delight your guestsHow to cook cereal-based first courses quickly and easilyThe snacks you won't be able to live without5 drinks that heal your bodyHow to cook the best desserts around with the instant potIt is a complete book, designed for beginners and experts in which you will find everything you need to make the best use of the instant pot and you will learn numerous recipes that will save you on any occasion, both when you need a quick snack and when you have guests for dinner and you will want to impress them."BUY NOW" this book and start cooking immediately with the instant pot those delicious dishes you've always wanted to eat.