Author: SHTF FUNDAMENTALS, Emma Crawford

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The End Of The World As We Know It (

TEOTWAWKI) is not just a doom-and-gloom prophecy — it’s a very likely possibility.

Are you prepared for what’s coming?

In just the past few years, the world has faced natural disasters, pandemics, war, major power outages, and economic instability… and many more are going to happen in the coming years. It’s only a matter of time before a disaster situation hits close to home, and choosing to ignore this fact would not only be irresponsible but also downright insane.Even if you have little kids… Even if you have a tight budget and very little DIY skills... And even if you have zero access to an underground bunker and a homestead with a goat and chickens…There are a ton of small, simple actions you can take that can make the difference between hardship and an easier road for you and your family. This book takes you through what is possible and doable, and what you can start doing today to prepare yourself for a wide range of potential disaster scenarios.

In this savvy suburban survival bible, you will discover:

? What you absolutely must have


wise, and what to do to make healthy, sustainable meals out of what you have on hand? How to organize


storage, filtration, and purification? The lowdown on what you need to store, and what not to? Thorough

first-aid and medical supplies

lists to help you patch up a wide range of health problems, including radiation sickness in a warzone? Practical advice on

home security

and personal defense items to combat all forms of danger? A detailed guide to the best sanitation and

hygiene products

that won’t break the bank? How much “go” cash is best to keep on hand, and what you can use in place of money when all the ATMs run out, the grid goes down, and cash becomes worthless? How to survive a war-torn environment, especially if you’re stuck in an urban setting? How and when to bug out (get out), and also what you will need to do to when bugging in (staying in place)? Therapist-recommended insight on how to stay

mentally and emotionally resilien

t so that you can find the inner strength to keep goingAnd much more....Most preparedness books are written by men for men. But unlike those books, this one isn’t a gloomy, post-apocalyptic downer, and it definitely won’t involve complicated instructions about DIY home projects, installing solar panels, or navigating the wilderness. This is the

families and urban gal’s guide

to handling business, and preparing for emergencies in cost-effective, practical, and simple ways.These are real-life, easy-to-use methods that make sense and work. It shows us how to use our organizing, planning, and creative-thinking skills to do what needs to be done to survive as best we can, with what we have.Get ready for some light-hearted mom humor that will take the SH*T out of the fan and put it in your compost heap.It’s time to get ready and get real: Scroll up and click the “

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