Author: Sian B. Claven

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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Without trust, how do you break the law together?

In the Civilized Universe, it is illegal to travel without proper payment and papers, and that caused the birth of the illegal travelers known as Spacehikers.

Jasy, a seasoned Spacehiker traipsing across the universe, wants nothing more than to move from one place to another without incident. But after befriending a spaceport bar owner, she is enticed with a large payout to escort two strangers to Dark Space.

Little does she know that this is the start of an adventure unlike one she’s ever been on before. With Markus and Zara in tow, Jasy must get them across planets and through galaxies, all the while evading the nefarious guards and pirates that are out for their blood.

Will Jasy’s quick wits and knowledge of space travel be enough to get them to safety?

Fans of Short, punchy Sci-Fi adventures should One-Click this fun adventure.