Author: J.C. Ryan

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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A geologist makes an astounding discovery—the world's biggest deposit of rare-earth elements—in the remote Republic of Namibia on the west coast of Southern Africa.

But China controls ninety-seven percent of the planet's rare-earths and uses it to hold the world's electronics industry at ransom. If they discover this new find, they will go to war to maintain their monopoly.

The CIA sends a team of black ops specialists under the command of Rex Dalton, accompanied by Digger, his special forces dog, to ensure China doesn't get their hands on the mine.

Though Rex and the team try to keep the discovery a secret, it's too late to keep the Chinese from finding out. Soon, Rex and Digger are in a race against time to keep the USA and China from starting World War III and destroy the small, fledgling nation of Namibia in the process.