Author: R.E. McDermott

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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A FRIGHTENINGLY REALISTIC TALE OF HARDSHIP, HEROISM, AND HOPE.A massive solar flare...A devastating global blackout ... An unprecedented societal change. Nothing will ever be the same again.What if the lights go out? For good. Would you survive?In a 2015 investigation for The New York Times, veteran reporter Ted Koppel postulated that a major cyber attack on the nation's power grid was not only possible but likely, and that the United States was woefully unprepared. In Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Koppel's best-selling companion book to the Times investigation, he described the likely aftermath of such an attack in sobering detail. Lights Out was widely praised in the media as 'an eye-opener' and received accolades from leaders of both industry and government. It was named an Amazon Best Book for 2015.Yet despite the accolades and the supposedly 'raised awareness,' we sit here in 2020 still very much a nation (and world) unprepared.The books of The Disruption Trilogy are fictionalized speculation as to possible events following a similar disaster, a massive solar storm which takes out the power grid not only in the US, but world-wide. Played out across the tapestry of a 'post-electric' America, this is a tale of hardship and heroism, of desperation and impossible courage. There are no mindless zombies, nor are they needed; desperate human beings in full possession of all their faculties are far more terrifying.Dig into the trilogy now with Under a Tell-Tale Sky, the first exciting book in the trilogy. Stranded far from home with a now priceless cargo people will literally kill for and a near mutinous crew, Captain Jordan Hughes has no option but to defy government orders and commence a desperate voyage for home and family with a ragtag group of survivors under his protection.Fans of the post apocalyptic genre love this story. But even if you're a skeptic, I think you'll be both surprised and delighted. If you enjoy realistic, non-stop action, you owe it to yourself to try this book.