Undeniable by Laura Stapleton

Author: Laura Stapleton

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Beth Ann Roberts gave her father a deathbed promise to be a good wife to her deceased sister’s husband, Daggart Bartlett. She counted on the sham marriage to help her keep the Roberts family's land. To her horror, Daggart sells the farm to join the Gold Rush. Beth has little choice but to go with him, never expecting how much her life will change.
Nicholas Granville's brother convinces him to help lead a group as they travel the Oregon Trail from Missouri to Oregon. Despite his need to mourn his late wife alone, Nick's heart began healing the moment he saw Beth.
Faced with hardships and death, Nick and Beth struggle to fight an undeniable love.
The first in an epic series of three sections of the Oregon Trail and the three love stories begin here.
The Oregon Trail Series
Undeniable - Book One - a spicy sweet love story.
Undesirable - Book Two - a sweet love story with a distasteful secret.
Uncivilized - Book Three - a spicy sweet love story.