Author: Michelle Lee Graham

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Undefined is the inspiring story of a birth mom who showed true courage in the face of overwhelming tragedy.Teen pregnancy is never easy. When it is the result of pregnancy through rape, the public shame becomes even more unbearable. World-class lifestyle coach and visionary, Michelle Graham overcame her fear of the unknown and of those shaming her by holding onto her faith in dark times. She weathered the stormy family relationships that accompanied the teen pregnancy and pursued a Christian adoption. Her troubles were far from over, but she committed fully to being the best birth mom she could be. Undefined: More Than the Sum of My Losses focuses on Michelle’s experience with faith and her own coming of age: ? The ostracization of teen pregnancy? The struggles of pregnancy? The difficulty of separation involved in adoption? Learning to accept that people make decisions out of love, even if you don’t agree? Forgiving the people who deserve forgivenessThis is a Christian book for teens, which she was when the story begins. It is also a Christian book for women, which she is now, as the storyteller. This is, too often, a relevant narrative. Christian books which address the fear of the public shame involved in teen pregnancy exist.The fear and doubt of teen pregnancy is only exacerbated when it is pregnancy through rape. Undefined truly demonstrates empowerment for women in how Michelle deals with the people shaming her through standing up for herself and making the right choices for herself.For anyone dealing with the complexities of family relationships in a time of crisis, or who might be considering using a Christian adoption service, this book is for you. Everyone can feel the joy of a birth mom reunited with her child.Each chapter of this Christian book addresses different aspects of the pregnancy and the aftermath of Christian adoption, from her tumultuous family relationships to finding the strength to turn away from the people who were shaming her. "A true story of survival, courage, faith, and a birth mom’s hope and love for a pregnancy through rape. Michelle’s strength to move through her own public shame and grief towards empowerment for women and the sake of her family is inspiring!” MD“This story is so full of hope, love, and, most of all, the goodness of God. It speaks to the empowerment of women to see that turning this tragedy into triumph could only have been done with God’s love and perseverance. I was able to relate to all the characters and felt like I was reading about family. I highly recommend this book to all; whether you have been affected by rape or adoption in any way, this book will restore your faith in God.” JJ Feel the joy of triumph in the face of adversity and experience the love of a mother and daughter reunited.Get your copy of Undefined today!