Author: Vivian Foster

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You don’t have to wait until you are a teenager or adult to impress others with your practical knowledge of life and your ability to get on with others.

As many as 40 percent of students have a fixed mindset—they believe we are all born “smart,” “talented,” or “likable”—when in fact, all talents, abilities, and skills can be learned by following a simple strategy.

You can be a better cook, a confident teen that is not afraid of failure or rejection, and a whiz at saving and investing.

In this helpful guide, you’ll discover:

? The secrets that will attract more friends to your social circle and the essence of being a good friend

? How easy it is to transform false, negative beliefs about yourself into positive ones

? A simple yet infallible strategy for acing your exams and becoming an A student

? Why comparing yourself to others is self-defeating, and why celebrating others’ success is a key element of growth

? Key strategies for setting goals, committing to them, and managing your time so you can succeed at school, sports, and other hobbies

? The seven crucial steps you need to make good decisions

? Six strategies for making the most of the connection between a healthy body and mind

? How to surprise your parents with a meal that tastes as good as something you might order at a restaurant, and stop fearing equipment like the dishwasher and washing machine

? How to create a winning savings strategy and shop sustainably

? How to save the day in an emergency, change a bike tire, and keep your bike, hoverboard, or scooter in tip-top condition

And much more!

Say goodbye to insecurities, and welcome the power that stems from knowing how to be self-sufficient at home, school, and Get a head start in life!