Author: Owen Banks

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The real question is not if they exist, but what they are.In the last few months, we are witnessing something that only ten years ago could only be seen in cinemas.State officials talking about a threat to national security; dozens of photos and videos confirmed by the Pentagon; US Air Force pilots explaining what they saw in flight with their eyes and on the radar; radar triangulations made by warships with the most advanced technology on the face of the earth; former US president saying "we don't know exactly what they are"; etc.30 years ago, all this was just science fiction. Everyone who talked about UFOs and Aliens was derided and marginalized by society as crazy.Nowadays, the time of smiles and teasing is finally over, we have reached a turning point, and it is time to know.In this book, you will find:All irrefutable scientific evidence of the existence of unidentified aerial phenomenaThe most documented sightings from the 40s (when drones or other nonsense still existed) to today, not only in the USA but all over the worldThe declassified documents top secret for decadesHow the FOIA law works and why it is a fundamental tool to get to the truthPilots and other soldiers stories who have the defense and security of our country as their life missionAnd much more scientific and government-verified informationThis is not a novel that tells the aliens' fairy tale, but a collection of sightings supported by scientific documents, radar triangulations, and irrefutable evidence of the existence of a phenomenon that must be taken very seriously and studied as thoroughly as possible.It's time to know. It's time to accept the phenomenon as something concrete that is happening here and now.It's time to inform the American people and the whole world of what happens in our skies above our homes.It's finally the time of truth.If you want to know all the truths hidden and kept top secret from the 40s to today, scroll up and click on the "Buy Now" button!