Author: Holly Hook

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This box set contains books 4-7 of the Twisted Fairy Tale series. Contains Towers and Braids, Poison and Mirrors, Swans and Silence and the series finale, Glass and Death.Towers and Braids: Rae's world is safe. Her one room tower is all the shelter she needs from all the scary bandits, beasts, and other dark forces her mother says are roaming her world. Or is it?When she overhears her mother's fears that Rae is, in fact, part of a story and that a young man is soon coming to take her away, it changes her entire world. After the young man, Henry, befriends her and is chased off by her mother, Rae learns that she carries a special gift capable of fighting the worst darkness in the world—a gift that her mother wants to keep for herself. And it is also because of this gift that the most evil wizard in the land, Alric, wants to take her life. Forced to leave her home when the dark wizard comes knocking, Rae's only hope of saving her story and chasing away Alric's darkness is to make sure she has her happily ever after. But to do that, Rae must venture into the dangerous world and find Henry. On the way, she will need to decide where her loyalty lies and who she can trust. A mistake could cost her life and her entire kingdom. Poison and Mirrors:Mara's always had to be tough. She lives in the town orphanage with Sara, her best friend, and there's no room for being a pushover when you're the bottom rung of the social ladder. Her crush, Eric, probably doesn't realize she exists. More like he's too afraid of her to strike up a conversation. But now that she's finally drawn Eric's attention, strange and scary things are happening to Mara and they're right out of a fairy tale. A teacher's tie nearly chokes him to death and classmates turn into donkeys...and it seems all this dark magic is aimed at Mara. Worse, she's been having a nightmare about a very red and dangerous apple. Someone's trying to keep her away from Eric at all costs—someone jealous. Could Sara be trying to eliminate her?Mara must get to the bottom of this fairy tale nightmare if she is to survive and get her prince. And she might not be able to hold onto her tough act--or her life--much longer.Swans and Silence:When Ignacia's mother died, she had to take the role of taking care of her six younger brothers. They're more annoying than ever, especially since her father, the king of the Swan Kingdom, sent them all to hide in a tiny cabin in the regular world. But even being cramped in close quarters is better than being found by their dangerous and magical stepmother, Annie, who is bent on eliminating the seven of them and securing the Swan Kingdom for herself. No matter what, it is Ignacia's job to protect them.But when the worst happens and her brothers are transformed into swans, Ignacia flees into the wilderness. Armed with only a magical ball of yarn, she must find her brothers and free them from their curse. There's a catch: she must weave her brothers shirts out of a special type of flower. She also can't speak a word, not even a swear word, until they are completed, no matter how long that takes. Ignacia's journey takes her back into her home world, Fable, landing her in a village where royals and others alike are plotting how best to stop the likes of Annie from taking over all the kingdoms. Darkness closes on the village and all the blame shifts to Ignacia. Unable to defend herself and with no one on her side but a young, but burdened king, Ignacia will have to chose between saving herself and saving her brothers.Glass and Death:Can the son of the darkest wizard in Fable save it?Shorty's world is in trouble. The land of Fable is falling victim to a growing darkness, one being spread by an evil dark wizard named Alric who is bent on making every fairy tale fall. Even the Star Kingdom is falling to the encroaching evil. Can Shorty go against his father and save it?