Author: Valerios

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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Phac wakes up in a nest of giant killer crabs in a new world. Good fricking morning!

When Phac finds himself in a world of magic, monsters, and blue screens, he must fight tooth and nail to survive. Unfortunately, falling into an overpowered crab nest doesn’t help. Neither does homemade quicksand under his boots. Worst of all, a snarky blue screen insists on calling him “Phac.”Armed with wit, brawn, dynamite temper, and crab-themed powers, Phac will carve his own, adventurous path through the vibrant world of Peras. He will befriend sharp-tongued orcs, clash against manipulative masterminds, and stand up for what he believes in.In the end, he will either become a greater hero than the world deserves…or crustacean fast-food on day one.

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Cultivator vs. System

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