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Think clearly. Process your feelings. Make better decisions.We all strive to succeed in all areas of life and in the shortest possible time. But the biggest obstacle most of us encounter is our inability to persevere—in thought, path and process.The problem lies not in us, but in the fact that we don’t know how to deal with it properly.Turning Dreams into Reality is based on the PMCR (Physics of Magnetism Created Reality) method, developed by Yuval Tabib, a personal consultant and leading lecturer, that can make spiritual and personal growth much easier and more enjoyable, as we learn to understand our physical reality.It will give you simple, practical and well-paced tools, for just a few minutes at the beginning and end of the day, allowing you to work independently on your own through direct insights you can easily implement:How to easily be relieved of financial obstacles in a short time and feel the benefits of doing so. How to find “the one” who’s right for you without becoming frustrated every time. How to change your thoughts, awareness and subconscious. How to develop and use positive thinking to create dreams. How to relate to others and thus be loved by those around you.You are the basis for everything. With the right guidance you can make a change and grow to achieve the good, fulfilling life you always thought you deserved!