Turnaround Decrees by Jolene Hamill

Author: Jolene Hamill, Jon Hamill

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Interrupt the plans of darkness and shift circumstances to align with God's will!
In our culture, the powers of darkness have been working overtime to turn a generation away from God, discipling society in wickedness, destroying families, ravaging finances, afflicting bodies, and obstructing the advance of God's people.
The only solution is a supernatural turnaround. The good news is that you serve the God of the Turnaround!
In response to a radically unexpected prophetic word, Jon and Jolene Hamill have launched a turnaround movement to see supernatural breakthroughs take place. The results have been overwhelming. In this powerful new book they equip you with prayers, decrees, and activations that will render turnaround verdicts from Heaven on your behalf.
The Lion of Judah is roaring! Turnaround Decrees will empower you to:
Prophesy divine destiny over your children and the next generation.
Push through the limitations preventing you from advancing in your assignment.
See instant healings and deliverances become normative.
Pray against the assaults of the enemy upon your nation, government, and leaders.
Invoke your rights to the Covenant of Peace.
Receive and speak powerful decrees which secure lasting turnarounds with proven results.
The destiny of generations are at stakeā€¦ but you are the turnaround catalyst! Speak these powerful declarations over every impossibility, and watch as the God of the Turnaround brings supernatural breakthrough!