Turbulence by Monique Maley

Author: Monique Maley

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When change intimidates others, you embrace it. Metrics inspire you, and a bold vision drives you. You’re an entrepreneurial leader—you thrive with rapid growth.

But what happens when growth slows, plateaus, or even declines? What if your structure becomes unstable? Turbulence is the culprit, and it’s capable of impacting everything from outlook and productivity to retention and sales.

What happens when the cause of that Turbulence is you?

In Turbulence, Monique Maley shares the insight she’s gained from years of working with entrepreneurial leaders to help you identify the most common ways that turbulence disrupts your organization. She provides you with the tools and strategies you need to create an iterative cycle of leadership that begins with you. Whether you’re struggling to build a cohesive culture, experiencing conflict with your board of directors, or failing to see blind spots holding you back, this book shows you how to overcome resistance that stands in your way. You’ll learn how to slow down so you can speed up, assess and address turmoil and instability, and unlock the most effective, articulate, and persuasive leader you can be. Read more