Author: Mike Shelton

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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The lies could kill her, but the truth could destroy a kingdom.The old woman, out of breath…stopped and gave her the gemstone.Was it a curse or a blessing?Given a rare TruthStone, Shaeleen suffers immense agony with every lie she hears or tells. While struggling to control her new power and curb the pain she learns a powerful truth that could thrust an entire continent into civil war.The stones of power have protected the five kingdoms of Wayland for over two hundred years. Now those stones are failing and a dark power threatens to take control. With the help of her brother, and a young thief, Shaeleen sets out on a dangerous journey to gather and restore the power of all the stones.Why was she chosen?Would her life ever be the same?Readers of fantasy, unique magic, mighty wizards, reluctant heroes, and magnificent kingdoms will enjoy the TruthSeer Archives!Get it now!