True Crime Trivia by Michelle Tooker

Author: Michelle Tooker

Category: General Nonfiction

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Are you the ultimate true crime fan? How much do you know about your favorite cases?
Play true crime trivia to find out:
•Did a serial killer roam the Titanic?
•Which food is the most shoplifted?
•How many killers get away with murder each year?
•Did a fax machine identify the Black Dahlia?
Discover the answers to 350 eye-opening questions like these in True Crime Trivia. Each question is multiple choice or true/false so you can play trivia against yourself or your friends. Correct answers include surprising stories and shocking details about true crime cases you thought you knew and ones you have never heard of before.
True Crime Trivia is organized into seven chapters, covering the following topics:
?Unsolved Mysteries & Cold Cases
?Serial Killers
?True Crime Podcasts
?Celebrity Crimes
?Heists & Robberies
?Facts & Figures
?Grab Bag
Quiz yourself, challenge your friends or host a trivia night to see who is the ultimate true crime enthusiast.
This book makes a perfect gift for murderinos, true crime junkies, true crime fanatics or those fascinated by the macabre.
Be warned, reading this book will give you 350 new rabbit holes to explore!